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What is coaching?


If you are new to coaching you may wonder what it is and how it may benefit you if we work together. 


I describe coaching as a series of powerful conversations aimed at improving your self-awareness, unlocking your hidden potential, blending self-reflection with insights and learning, and creating a compelling vision for your future.

As a  professionally trained coach, I work with the whole of you, not just the specific problem you may be facing.


In one-to-one coaching sessions, I will help you to create awareness and to ensure you will be mindful of the insightful learning gained as a part of the coaching process. 


This is a journey of self-discovery, which will drive your personal transformation and help you with direction in your life.

How can coaching help you?


   Coaching can help if you:


  • Are curious and willing but doubt in yourself

  • Feel stuck or trapped and would like to move forward

  • Feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

  • Want to make changes, but don’t know which path to choose

  • Want more motivation and/or self-accountability

  • Want more balance and well-being in your life



Results and Benefits of Coaching 

Coaching has the potential to:

  • Heighten your self-awareness to discover a journey ahead of you

  • Enhance your perception of where you are in your journey

  • Boost your resourcefulness to  help you gain clarity on how to move forward

  • Increase your confidence and belief in your own abilities, so you can overcome challenges

  • Empower & motivate you to take action

  • Deepen your ability to create inner well-being

What happens in the coaching session?


In a coaching session we:

  • Envision your future and define your goals

  • Analyse your current reality and explore what drives and hiders you

  • Align your authentic journey with your wider vision

  • Cultivate your strengths to overcome your limitations

  • Create a transformative strategy towards achieving your dream life


My approach

As a holistic development coach, my intention is to facilitate your personal growth and help you co-generate well-being, purpose, courage, and awareness, and make changes with life-long lasting impact.


I will help you to build resourcefulness and resilience to the challenges that life throws at you. Working intuitively and flexibly with you  I adapt my approach to serving your specific needs.


In my coaching practice, I blend various client-centred coaching approaches with NLP and Neuroscience. 


Ready to embark on a journey towards courage and wellbeing ? 

If so get in touch!  I would love to hear from you.

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