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What people I worked with say about my coaching...

Lynne Tapper

Agata has a knack for asking insightful questions that have helped me shift my perspective and see things in a new light.  Through coaching with Agata I gained a deeper understanding and empathy for one of my children which have been really positive.

Coach & Trainer, United Kingdom

Stacey Jones 

Agata helped me make sense of my chaotic thought patterns by showing me how to iron out erratic thoughts and instead find order in processing things that were becoming overwhelming.
This enabled me to sort through each thought and problem to find a solution and make progress. She has given me a few practical applications that I can use in my everyday life.
Her approach is spot-on and changes depending on the situation. Working with her was like a breath of fresh air.


Product Owner, The Netherlands 

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Hozefa Arsiwala 

When I met Agata I was lonely and confused about life, and work. She helped me provide clarity in my life. She is a really good coach and a really good human being with a caring nature.
She has a great thirst to help people.

Process Engineer & Trader , United Kingdom

Magali Barthélemy


Agata’s zest, energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Being coached by her always left me feeling empowered. She is extremely professional and doesn’t shy away from challenging topics to explore (and I had a few!). On the other hand, her determination and growth journey has been a real inspiration to me. Finally, she is totally open and creates such a safe collaborative space that I was able to find and be my authentic self.
Thank you Agata!


 Founder of SimpliBe, Coach &  Positive Psychology Practitioner, UK

Cathy Lasher Headshot.jpeg

Cathy Lasher

Agata's greatest gift is a creative, energetic approach to coaching - and to life.

She brings a unique perspective.

Coach, Coaching Supervisor & Trainer, United Kingdom

Gari Bolshaw

Agata’s coaching skills, coupled with her experience in human resources, have been invaluable in supporting me to develop the skills required to be successful in my role. Approaching situations from a different perspective has enabled me to overcome barriers and make improvements to my approach to certain challenging situations in a professional and personal capacity.

Production Superintendent, United Kingdom

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Daven Nass


When I first met Agata I was going through a tough time, struggling with burnout, and going through a number of personal difficulties, including the bereavement of my sister and going through serious conflict with my brother. In our coaching sessions, Agata helped me to reflect on my thinking patterns and navigate around my relationships. Agata's tools and techniques allowed me to build more awareness of my routines and more flexibility around them. As a result, I now understand myself better and trust myself more. I gained a lot of insights and an opportunity to self-reflect, which was a gateway to the peaceful and happy life that I am living now! Thanks for your coaching Agata, your support is much appreciated.

Investor & Enterpreneur, Germany & Spain


I believe that the power of coaching lies in
affording individuals with the opportunity to heighten their awareness  -  of oneself, one's body, one's mind, one's environment and others in this environment. Awareness facilitates choice and the act of choosing enhances levels of engagement and commitment to the process of change.


Find your ROAR
Live Courageously!

love & gratitude
Agi x 
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