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"Everything you need to succeed is already within you,
my role is to help you access it."

My journey to courage started when as a 22-year-old I emigrated to a new country with not much else other than a head full of dreams and a heart full of excitement.

Being passionate about people's development and growth; I choose a career in Human Resources and for nearly a decade I was living a dream, learning, growing and making an impact. 


As a people person, I excelled in engaging and building relationships with others. As a woman of ambition with a strong work ethic, I was always striving to do more, experience more and go faster. On the surface, I was thriving, having a successful career and living a better quality of life than ever before. Underneath however, I felt confused and unfulfilled.


Lost in my relationships by trying to please everyone around me, constantly seeking new stimulating experiences yet feeling unsettled about what I really wanted in life, I often questioned where did I belong?  


Living to extremes, studying, working myself down to the ground for other people, both personally and professionally, along with navigating through the challenges of living abroad, feeling unsupported and extremely lonely on my journey utterly undermined my self-worth and gradually led to self-resentment. I spent several years in a revolving cycle of fight, flight or freeze responses, which amongst anxiety, distress and frequent panic attacks over time formed a strong duality in me, from which a serious existential crisis emerged.

These challenges drove me to explore coaching and yoga practices, both of which led me through self-discovery on the path of personal and professional transformation. A few years later I qualified as a personal & business coach and continued to invest in further training and development of my skills so I can serve others.


However, there was one thing that I have not addressed, despite the signs and warnings for many months I turned a blind eye to how exhausted and inconsolable I felt. The burnout hit me severely and affected my creativity and all aspects of my life. I worked harder but achieved less and felt helpless in the face of everyday challenges. When my physical health deteriorated, I was forced to give myself space to breathe and time to reflect.


I made many sacrifices to make this trip happen, but in the end the knee injury prevented me from going.  Heartbroken and burned out I was forced to give myself a space to breathe and time to reflect.

As a practising coach and yogi, I knew I had the tools to create a life where I can thrive and triumph over my setbacks. Life was trying to teach me valuable lessons, available to me only when I was open and receptive to the message they contained.

I listened.

That is how I found courage residing in me. Courage was a transformative force which made me more resilient to challenges.  

Everyday courage helps me to cope with change and to push through in times of self-doubt, allows me to triumph over my fears, empowers me to dream bigger and to follow my bliss.


Finding Courage Coaching was born out of my passion for helping others reach their full potential by becoming courageous, resilient, and self-reliant.  Inspired by my life journey, I am here to help you make and sustain desired changes, be well and expand your life's scope and scale in ways you have not imagined are possible.


The power to transform your life is within you I only help you discover it. 


My story to finding courage

What makes me an extraordinary coach?

It is intentional to introduce myself as an extraordinary coach.  If instead, I introduced myself with what makes me different to other coaches, I would be drawing an instant separation between me and the others in the coaching industry. I strive for unity in our beautiful, diverse world.


I was once described as: "a bundle of energy, blending intelligence backed up with unrivalled enthusiasm to make a difference. Agi lights fire under people".


Actually, similar feedback was shared with me many times over and over. So I will keep it simple and short. It is my openness & honest expression blended with an enthusiastic approach to life and child-like curiosity that clients love most when working with me. And above all, I deeply care for the well-being of others.


Professionally however, I coached a diverse profile of individuals across 4 continents within both business and personal settings. I am a trained ICF Certified Business and Personal Development coach with Barefoot Coaching Ltd. and I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching from the University of Chester, UK.  I also trained in Transactional Analysis 101 and am a trained Mental Health First Aider.


Additionally, I hold a Master's Degree in HR Strategy, Post Graduate Diploma in People Management and Bachelor's Degree in Politics and Diplomacy.


What does this all say about me?

My curiosity is infinite, I love to challenge myself and I equally love to learn.

Nevertheless, I am modest about my education and accomplishments and don’t allow them to rule my sense of being - life is an experiential journey. I strongly believe that intelligence (wisdom) does not come from the amount of knowledge one accumulates via education, but from one's receptivity to the experience of life.

That is why I coach - to support the conscious growth and development of another human being on this journey called life.

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